Carmen Galán de Isla, Project Manager at @Fundesalud_Ex, presenting the #ESSENCE2020 at the Cultural Centre of La Garrovilla, Spain.

🇪🇸 Carmen Galán de Isla, Técnica de Proyectos de FundeSalud, presentando el proyecto #ESSENCE en la "Casa de la Cultura" (La Garrovilla).

Donation and installation of the 8 lots of devices that were used in the @movecareproject.

@Fundesalud_Ex and the SEPAD have installed one of this in the Social Care Centre of Plasencia.


The #school has just ended and our young #ESSENCE2020 users received their diploma for a wanderful school year together.

#Children #ESSENCE


June 9 and 10 📸 ESSENCE project coordination meeting in a blended modality. Some photos of the attendees during the sessions 👇

@polimi @LaStatale @Uni_Insubria @Fundesalud_Ex @eseniors @SignalGeneriX @UofHaifa


A principios del mes de mayo comenzó el prepiloto del proyecto #ESSENCE2020 en el centro residencial ServiMayor, Losar de la Vera (Cáceres).
Pronto dará comienzo el estudio piloto.
@Fundesalud_Ex @Junta_Ex @polimi @LaStatale @EsHorizonte2020 @Essence2020eu

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