ESSENCE aims at transforming the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 in a huge opportunity that exploits technology toward a deep evolution of the services targeting vulnerable populations: non- or pre-frail seniors, and children of the first years of primary school. To contribute to the public health response in the context of the ongoing epidemic, and preparedness for future emergencies, ESSENCE aims at boosting the creation of a new model of home-based care that relies on stimulation, remote monitoring, tele-assistance, and connection between users, families, and professionals.
To offer a timely solution fully compliant with users’ needs,
ESSENCE builds upon the results of MoveCare H2020 and undertakes the technology transfer of a subset of successful modules, adopting an iterative optimization process between technology development and users’ feedback.

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ESSENCE system consists of three main components:
– the Community-Based Activity Center (CBAC), a holistic platform, based on virtual rooms, providing a series of diverse activities with declared recreational, socialization, educational, and assistive purposes;
– the Monitoring Module, that gathers heterogeneous information from the activities mediated by the CBAC, a smart ink pen, and diverse applications to extract cognitive, physical, and emotion-related indicators. AI is exploited to provide personalized feedback, and alerts for deviations from physiological behaviors;
– the ESSENCE Manager, that acts as the system control unit to manage user proling, system conguration, possible system malfunctioning, and delivery of notications, alerts, or feedback. Through ESSENCE, a multi-level user empowerment will be promoted both by: (i) delivering empathic feedback aimed at maximizing engagement and relieving stress; (ii) producing alerts on potential risks to family members and health and education professionals aimed at fostering early detection of possible weaknesses and anticipation of care.